Are we done? Not yet.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

I was cleaning up my craft room in prep to move the Glowforge in there. I’d been at it for maybe a half-hour. I took a break to go get a cup of tea. While I was getting it, my hand bumped into my left boob. It was wet. There was a circle of wetness, and I found that odd, because I didn’t remember splashing water there. And complete circle? That never happens. And what was this? It wasn’t wet enough to have been done since I walked in the kitchen. It kinda looked like I was still nursing and wasn’t wearing a nursing pad and had soaked through my shirt…and it was faintly red.

I pulled the shirt aside…and there was the same circle as on the shirt. Redder.

I pulled the bra cup away from my chest. There was raw, wet, red, meat where my incision had been that morning. I’ll spare you the pictures. Mainly because I didn’t take the time to take any.

I took off for the bathroom, muttering, “this isn’t good.” My husband followed, gaining on me. As we looked in the mirror, it was obvious. The incision, which yesterday had LOOKED like it was healing, had given way, leaving a 3″ section gaping open.

Now I don’t like going to the doctor unless necessary. But I don’t hesitate when it IS necessary.

I tore off the shirt and bra, then dug out the first aid kit, and rummaged for the gauze. Clean bra and shirt, gauze to the wound, we took off for Urgent Care. Could not have been more than 5 minutes since discovery.

But Urgent Care wouldn’t stitch it back up. They said I’d have to go back to my surgeon. Who was in the same building.

Not giving them the opportunity to get any more words out, I swiftly turned on my heel and headed to the surgeon’s office. He, surprisingly, was both in and had no appointments.

I gave the desk a brief explanation, and within another 5 minutes, the nurse was walking me back to an exam room. Where I showed her the problem. “Oh yeah, you’re gonna need that stitched back up. Let me get the doctor.”

Doctor comes in and looks. “That’s the side that you had radiation on, isn’t it? Yeah, radiation changes the skin, and it doesn’t heal as fast or as easily. Let’s get you into the procedure room next door.”

In the procedure room, he gave me numbing injections all along the wound. I could feel something only on the part nearest the center of my chest. Then he proceeded to put in 3 layers of stitches, and a running stitch across the entire original incision. I thought to myself, “Why in the hell didn’t you put in 3 layers of stitches in the FIRST place?”, but I kept that to myself.

So all told, it took maybe an hour and a half? I took it easy the rest of the day.

I thought I was done with all the surgical work. Apparently not.

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