Are We Done? Not. Yet.

Two weeks after the last radiation treatment, the pinkness had definitely subsided. The two worst spots had peeled, just like any sunburn would.

Then? Hormone therapy. But, I had to be in menopause for the hormone therapy to be most effective. So I was scheduled for a Zoladex shot – which throws me into menopause – in the stomach, every 4 weeks. With no idea of how long I’d have to get the shots.

Of course, I had a choice of surgery to remove the ovaries. Ultimately I went with surgery, but I had to schedule an ultrasound first…which was weeks out. And blood tests. So it was almost two months before I could get it done. So I had to endure two shots before I could call them off.

Then, I was trying to get the surgery to replace the expanders with implants. Since we’ve paid the deductible for the year – not just for the old insurance from the beginning of the year, but also for the new, better, insurance – I wanted it done before the end of the year. But I don’t want to ruin Christmas two years in a row, so it had to be done between Christmas and New Years. But I also needed to give it as much time as possible for healing after the radiation and ovary surgery. So mark December 28th on your calendars.

But, but, then, if, when, and… I’m tired just thinking about it all. But I’m down to just one more surgery, and years of pills.

Here’s to a fine Thanksgiving! We’re having friends over, and there should be movies and/or games, and much fun for all involved. Then a merry Christmas, where I will actually be able to decorate and participate this year. I felt so bad that Christmas was much curtailed last year. But this year should be good. And I’m determined that next year will be too.